U.K. inmate takes advantage of ‘day release,’ plays Old Course at St. Andrews

A woman on a “day release” from prison in the U.K. posted to social media about her travels to St. Andrews and a round on the Old Course, provoking an angry public response regarding taxpayer-funded leisure time for inmates. According to the Daily Mail, Donna Mackay has been having a little too much fun just months into her sentence for committing hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax fraud. 

Mackay bragged about her “fantastic experience” playing golf at St. Andrews, and described her “Legs like jelly trying to make contact with the ball.”

Some Britons weren’t happy about Mackay’s public golf boast, including one conservative politician.

“This woman’s trial would have cost the taxpayer an absolute fortune but people may have felt there was some justice at the end of it,” she said. “But now we see she is enjoying all the privileges of freedom and using social media to let everyone know about it. There should be an inquiry into this immediately as the public will want to see why in this case it appears that crime does pay.”