This adorable dog collects golf balls for other pets in need

May 25, 2017

A Bernese Mountain Dog named Davos is using his golf ball retrieval skills to make a big difference in his Albertville, Minn. community.

According to an article posted on Kare11’s news site, Davos, 6, has been retrieving wayward golf balls for his owner, Al Cooper, for over five years. Cooper would sell the balls for 25 cents each, and use the profit for Davos’s treats and vet bills. But when Davos had an emotional reaction to a TV ad for the ASPCA, Cooper decided to donate the money to the Humane Society instead.

“He’d just cry his little heart out when he’d see those commercials,” Cooper told Kare11.

Davos and Cooper retrieved and sold over 400 golf balls, which netted them $100. They donated the money to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, Minn. The best part? Cooper wrapped the $100 bill around Davos’s paw, which he lifted to present the donation to the facility’s senior philanthropy advisor. Davis and Cooper are keen on continuing their retrieval mission and plan to make another donation soon.