18 ways to pay homage to Arnold Palmer this weekend

March 17, 2017

The King is gone but not forgotten.

With the Arnold Palmer Invitational underway at Bay Hill for the first time since Palmer’s passing, the weekend is bound to be awash in remembrances of Arnie. Here are 18 ways you, too, can pay homage.

1. Put the tournament on TV and tilt back a cold one. An Arnold Palmer would be a fitting choice. So would a glass of Ketel One, with a twist.

2. Handwrite a letter to a loved one.

3. Change your own grips. Arnie did. (Or your own motor oil. Pennzoil would be the brand.)

4. The King’s charitable legacy lives on through Arnie’s Army, which provides financial support to children, families and the environment, among other good causes. Pay your respects with donation at arniesarmy.org

5. Hop on a ride-mower and mow your lawn. Better yet, mow your neighbor’s lawn.

6. Sign autographs for your kids. And their friends. And their friends’ friends. Make every signature perfect.

7. Shake everyone’s hand at the grocery store. Look them in the eye while you do it.

8. Quit smoking. Arnie did.

9. Go for every par 5 in two. Obviously.

10. Eagle the par-4 opener at your club. Bonus points if you can do it at Cherry Hills.

11. Slip on your favorite cardigan. Here are some helpful tips from GQ about to pull it off.

12. Adopt a Labrador and name it Mulligan.

13. Read about the man. We recommend his memoir, Go for Broke. Or Arnold Palmer: A Personal Journey, by Thomas Hauser. Or A Golfer’s Life: Arnold Palmer by Jim Dodson. Or Men in Green by our own Michael Bamberger.

14. Hit the gym and develop Popeye forearms.

15. Enjoy the game, even if you’re not playing well.

16. Perfect a hang-on finish.

17. Cock your head as you track a shot in flight.

18. Root for everyone in the field, and congratulate the winner.