WATCH: That time Mr. Met blasted golf balls all over Shea Stadium

June 1, 2017

Sometimes your emotions can get the best of you. Just ask Mr. Met.

The New York Mets (usually) lovable mascot made headlines for flipping a certain finger at Wednesday night’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, a vulgar act that has cost Mr. Met (or, more accurately, the employee playing Mr. Met) his job. 

What now for the seam-headed one? A little golf, perhaps?  

Hardcore Mets fans might know that Mr. Met actually has a hell of a golf swing. For a commercial back in 2005, the mascot pulled out a driver at his then-home, Shea Stadium, and blasted golf balls all over — and out of — the park. Check out the video here:

Good action, right? The team was playing stellar ball at the time—well over .500 through 128 games—and Mr. Met was waiting for them to return home. Alas, after the squad got back they won just three of their next 16 games, plummeting out of the division race.

Here’s hoping Mr. Met kept right on swinging.