ClubTest 2014: Yes! Milly True Alignment Putter

Yes! Milly True Alignment Putter
Michael Chini

Yes! Milly True Alignment
Category: High-MOI Mallet Putters
Price: $180
35” shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The steel body has a two-piece face consisting of a stainless steel “C-Groove” insert and thermoplastic (yellow) backing.

Very good for touch putts and faster greens; center strikes and slight misses track out similarly; quick, tumbling roll gives most mid-range putts a chance, and it can feel automatic inside four feet.
FEEL: Sweet spot feels like metal, with a firm, focused feedback to the hands—a succinct, satisfying click; enough differentiation between good and bad contact; toe and heel hits feel slightly tinny but not overly unpleasant.
LOOK: Distinctive highlighter-yellow and black color scheme makes it easy to align; small, straightforward, squarish shape; “true alignment” (TA) sole hump—it helps putter sit square for proper aim—raises some eyebrows.

Many testers are turned off by its gaudy appearance; a handful of guys want more forgiveness—off-center strikes can lead to problems for line and speed; sole keel kicks some testers’ hands too far inside the ball.

BOTTOM LINE: You’ll have to learn to love the look. For the right player, it feels focused, rolls true, and offers some touch. It’s worth a try for guys with a locked-in, square-to-square stroke who regularly negotiate slick or sloping greens.

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