ClubTest 2014: Titleist 913H, 913H.d Hybrids

May 1, 2014

Titleist 913H, 913H.d Hybrids
Category: Better-Player Hybrids
Price: $230
913H in 21° (adjusts 20.25° to 22.5°) and 24° (23.25° to 25.5°) with Diamana S+ Blue 72 and Diamana S+ Blue 82 graphite shaft; 913H.d in 20° (19.25° to 21.5°) and 23° (22.25° to 24.5°) with Diamana S+ Blue 72, Diamana S+ Blue 82 and Diamana D+ White 92 shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The midsize 913H has a low CG for lowspinning shots.

Lots of adjustability lets testers dial settings to fit their needs; no trouble working these left or right; the hard-driving 913H.d is best off the tee, while the higher-flying, softer-landing 913H works best into greens.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: A real strong suit—more forgiving than others; a wide area on the face rewards testers with great shots; misses are only slightly punished with 913H or 913H.d.
DISTANCE: Above average; stable clubhead yields long, consistent shots; testers lose little length on misses.
FEEL: Tops in the test; 913H and 913H.d give extensive feedback and a pure “crushed it” thwack at impact, without harshness on misses; medium-heavy head is stable through the ball.
LOOK: Handsome, classy and understated; adjustable hosel blends seamlessly into club.

A few guys believe that misses deserve some harshness rather than rewarding hands with no vibration; adjustability system could be more intuitive.

BOTTOM LINE: The best clubs in the test. They offer the full package—playability, feel, accuracy, looks and distance.

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