Rife Putters

March 29, 2010

From Golf Magazine (ClubTest, April 2010)

Rife Deep Blue
Category: High-MOI Mallet Putters
We tested: 35″ shaft length

Company line: “Our highest-MOI
putter has lots of weight in the rear
corners plus an ‘alignment notch’ for
repeatable setup position. The soft
303 stainless steel body combines
with a CNC-milled 6010 aluminum
faceplate (one-third the weight of
steel). ‘RollGroove’ technology grips,
holds and releases the ball into an
immediate forward roll.”

PROS: Most testers find that Deep
Blue elicits a warm, pure feel;
the large head is easy to set up,
effortless to swing, and surprisingly
soft; good balance and tight roll
deliver accuracy and speed control
after just a few strokes; slightly
rounded sole works well for putts
from fringe; fans praise the clean,
square clubhead design and matte
finish; three white parallel sightlines
make lining up a snap.

CONS: A small number of testers
experience hollow impact sound
that fails to provide consistent solid
feedback; a minority find that putts
tend to run more than they expect.

Rife 400 Mid Mallet
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
We tested: 34″, 35″ shaft length

Company line: “The one-piece body is cast from 303 stainless steel.
The milled face is 4 inches long and has our patented ‘RollGroove’ technology,
which provides the end-over-end roll for which Rife putters are known.”

Our Testers say:
PROS: The ball seems to stick to the face through impact; provides
smooth, soft feel and feedback off the grooves; consistently imparts
a tight roll; finish doesn’t act like a mirror on sunny days; holds the line,
speed and distance on slight mis-hits; well-balanced club.

CONS: Putts roll farther than you might expect; minor vibration on mishits;
plain finish doesn’t give it an upscale appearance.

Rife 460 Mid Blade
Category: Blade Putters
We tested: 34″, 35″ shaft length

Company line: “A one-piece, cast 303
stainless steel head with 4.6-inch blade
length. It has a CNC-milled face, ‘RollGroove’
technology and 2-degrees loft. Grooves grip
the ball, lift the back of it and throw it over
the top so that it rolls sooner.”

Our Testers say:
PROS: Tight roll hugs the line all the way to
the cup; face-balanced clubhead makes it
play more like a mallet than a blade; instant
feedback on pure or off-center hits; putter
swings naturally; center hits and misses
have similar roll for predictable outcome;
no-hosel design gives an unobstructed view
of the ball; clean, tasteful single sightline.

CONS: Feel is too similar for all contact so
you can’t diagnose stroke flaws; generic
looking; lacks the little alignment notch
in the topline to aid setup; a few guys find
that the grip feels slightly slippery.



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