Break the bank: 8 super-luxe items from the PGA Merchandise Show

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Swing Shade

The Swing Shade is a lightweight, collapsible sunshade that spins 360 degrees and protects you from the sun in every direction. $229;
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Stance socks are not only comfortable, some of the new models feature beloved Caddyshack characters, like the gopher, Carl Spackler and Judge Smails. $20;
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Impact Improver

The Impact Improver is a velcro strip that adheres to your iron for indoor practice with a foam ball. The ball sticks to the clubface at impact, so you can easily identify your miss. $39.95;
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Fat Tire Golf Scooter

This single-rider cart operates like a scooter and can travel 36 holes on a single charge. $2,399.

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Travis Mathew

Travis Mathew tees are always entertaining, and this one is no exception. $30;
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Alphard Club Booster

The Alphard Golf Club Booster turns your push cart into a remote control caddie! $599;
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Navika ball markers are a favorite on the LPGA Tour, and who could resist a bedazzled emoji marker? $20.95;
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Weatherman umbrella

The Weatherman umbrella was designed by a meteorologist. It offers both UV and rain protection and can withstand wind speeds of 55 mph. Plus, it's equipped with Bluetooth, so you can receive an alert on your phone when it might be needed. 62": $89, 68": $95;