SeeMore Mini Giant FGP Stealth putter Look Feel ClubTest 2017

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Larger, perimeter-weighted head provides more room for error-balls get rolling quickly, without skidding on either quality hits or poorer ones; requires more of a pendulum motion, and those who get it down have no trouble dialing in distance.
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Perhaps its strongest feature; heavier head helps recruit the large muscles to take the putter back-and that's a good thing; solid hits have an effortless feel, while misses are a tad firmer for welcome feedback; testers rave about the fit and feel of the oversize Rosemark grip.
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On the bigger side for a blade, but still attractive; bold copper weights and an intricate milling pattern give it a rich look; the company's well-known aiming system has a toned-down color scheme that's just as effective and takes stress out of the setup.