New Nike Vapor Flex Driver

New Nike Vapor Flex Driver

Nike Vapor Flex Driver
Courtesy of Nike

Selling points: The Vapor Flex driver is built with Nike’s Covert Cavity design that moves the CG forward to produce lower spin rates without a loss of MOI or stability. A compression channel along the sole combines with supportive FlyBeams (they stiffen the head) to increase flex and ball speed on shots struck below the sweet spot. An adjustable hosel allows for loft and face angle to be altered independently of each other, providing 15 combinations.

This new system, called Flex Loft 2.0, is 30 percent lighter than the previous Flex Loft design, allowing for weight to be repositioned in more useful areas of the head. A secondary tuning technology called Flex-Flight utilizes a variable weighted rod (one end is 9 grams, the other weighs 0.5 grams) located in a slot in the back of the head. Adjusting the position of the rod can move CG by 2.4 millimeters, from low and forward to low and farther back, effectively altering both launch angle and spin rates.

Our take: Nike is making a strong run in the adjustability department with the low-spin Vapor Flex for better players and faster swingers. The movable CG could be a game changer for some golfers. Its cavity-back design is not only innovative but also helps increase ball speed.

Fine print: Available with Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue Board shaft or free upgrades to Mitsubishi Fubuki ZT50 or Z50 shafts. At retail January 30. Bottom line $499.

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