First Look: Pinnacle Rush, Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

January 5, 2016

Pinnacles are well known for their distance — and value. For 2016, the company dials up a pair of 2-piece balls that are longer — yet softer — than their predecessors.

Both the Rush and Soft feature a lively, low compression core with a durable ionomer cover to boost initial velocity and minimize spin. The Rush is the more traditional distance offering with a higher-compression core and firmer cover than the Soft, but is engineered with a slightly lower compression than similarly marketed distance balls.

Billed as the softest Pinnacle ever, the new Soft ball combines the brand’s lowest compression core (mid-40s compression) with one of its softest ionomer covers. Both models also feature an icosahedral dimple construction for a penetrating flight.

Of course, these orbs are built using the same manufacturing processes as the company’s Titleist balls. The Rush is available in white or yellow, and the Soft comes in white or pink. $16/dozen

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