Devereux Americana Collection Is a Mix of Classic and Cool

November 28, 2016

Most likely, you’ve seen the pocket before. The signature pocket of the Devereux brand has a single button and is slightly angled at the top and bottom. It’s a distinctive look, and a good marketing tool to boot. A subtle design that makes its tops stand out among a crowded landscape of polos in the golf world. 

Devereux was started by two brothers, Robert and Will Brunner, who grew up in West Texas. Armed with the tagline “Proper Threads,” the duo has created a brand that exudes simplicity and confidence. Its new Americana line for the fall expands on that premise with items that include new shirts, pullovers, shorts and slacks in muted colors and bold designs. 

The fit is tailored without being too tight, and the colors are varied without being considered flashy. A potential gripe about Devereux was a lack of outerwear options, but that is fixed with a half-zip pullover, crewneck sweater and shawl sweater offerings in the Americana collection. The Collin Crewneck is an easy favorite from the bunch. Made from 100% pima cotton, the Collin Crewneck ($120) uses red and blue to color block and is finished with raw seams for a casual look. The Ford 5 Pocket Pants offer a slim but not too tight silhouette in grey, teal and light blue. Made with 3% spandex, there’s enough stretch for the course and style for off it.

You can see Devereux’s full range of attire on PGA Tour pro Danny Lee, who signed with the company in early 2016. If you want to snag some proper threads for yourself, Devereux is currently hosting a 30% sitewide sale for Cyber Monday. Head to for the savings.