ClubTest 2014: Cobra Bio Cell Fairway Woods

Cobra Bio Cell Fairway Woods
Michael Chini

Cobra Bio Cell Fairway Woods
Category: Game-Improvement Fairway Woods
Price: $220
3-4 (adjusts 13° to 16°) and 5-7 (17° to 20°) with Project X PXv graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Choose your favorite head color: red, blue, black, gray or orange. Cobra’s “MyFly8” adjustable hosel clicks between eight settings that span three degrees of loft.

The adjustable hosel augments your options; many testers find it easy to draw, a little tougher to fade; it’s a hammer through bad lies but best off the tee.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: A generally forgiving club that all but eliminates slices; consistent ball flight covers up most poor swings.
DISTANCE: Solidly above average; a hard, running draw flight excels off a low tee; does a pretty good job of limiting distance loss on off-center strikes.
FEEL: Bio Cell woods are comfortable to swing, light and easy; they deliver a uniform, compressed impact feel across almost the entire face.
LOOK: Cobra’s color schemes are growing on many testers; the black face matches well with the contrasting crown to frame the ball nicely; no complaints about the unobtrusive adjustable hosel.

A serious hook-hazard for a few testers—hard swings can lead to low, snipe draws; dumbed-down feedback is almost nonexistent for some guys; loud graphics remain an acquired taste.

BOTTOM LINE: This hard-driving, easy-drawing fairway wood shines off the tee. Backs up its flashy color scheme with solid across-the- board performance.

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