Cleveland Classic XL and Classic XL Custom Driver

Cleveland Classic XL and Classic XL Custom Driver

The Cleveland Classic XL Custom (left) and the Cleveland Classic XL drivers.

From Golf Magazine ClubTest 2013 (March 2013)

Cleveland Classic XL Custom Driver
Category: Tour Drivers
Price: $329
WE TESTED: 9°, 10.5° with Miyazaki JDL graphite shaft

DISTANCE: Many testers hit it five yards or so longer than their current club; a fairly low-spinning driver; consistent from shot to shot.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Wide, deep face offers plenty of forgiveness on average swings; well-struck shots form a nice, tight pattern.
FEEL: One of its greatest strengths — easy to swing but not too light to force a smooth tempo; a pleasing amount of head weight maintains stability through the hitting zone; impact sensation is pure with accurate feedback; a muted thud lets you know you pounded the ball.
PLAYABILITY: The club responds to whatever input you give it; repeatable, flat trajectory; some testers experience a straight ball in the neutral setting that falls left as a slight draw at the end.
LOOK: Very strong, positive feelings; classy 460cc head with no distractions — clean, shiny black finish, gold accents and a deep face.

A few testers desire a bit more directional correction; some say there’s nothing revolutionary in the distance department; a handful of guys believe that the shaft graphics contrast too much with the club’s traditional nature.

BOTTOM LINE: High marks for feel and look. A dependable, competent club in all areas— distance, accuracy, control and playability.

Launch: Low to mid
Spin: Low to mid
A deep face with adjustable loft. Easy fit. Lie angle can be varied between standard and 3° up.


Cleveland Classic XL Driver
Category: Game-Improvement Drivers
Price: $329
WE TESTED: 9°, 10.5°, 12° with Miyazaki B. Asha graphite shaft

DISTANCE: Adequate length on solid hits; produces occasional long balls for some testers.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Center hits love to fly straight; goes where you aim when properly struck; sidespin reduction is good.
FEEL: Booming sensation at impact; head weight is obvious throughout the swing; very firm feel through the ball.
PLAYABILITY: Produces a high trajectory for most testers; somewhat easier to draw than fade; a number of testers say straight shots are the norm.
LOOK: One of the favorites in the group for aesthetics; simple, understated and classy; deep face and alignment dot make aiming quite easy.

Not as long as some others; impact feel is a bit too hard for a few testers; produces a higher ball flight than some prefer.

BOTTOM LINE: One of the more attractive sticks in the test provides respectable distance and a unique feel.

Launch: Mid
Spin: Mid
Deep face for high-to-low misses, which makes it great for steeper attack angles.


From Golf Magazine (February 2013)
The Classic XL Custom represents Cleveland’s initial foray into the world of adjustable drivers. The 460cc club, targeted to better players, has 12 face-angle settings, from 2.25° closed to 2.25° open. There’s even a neutral face setting with a 3° upright lie, which should create more of a draw bias for faders and slicers. The 310-gram stick has a 7-gram adjustable weight port in the rear. (A 3-gram weight is available should you desire a longer or lighter shaft, and there’s an 11-gram weight for shorter or heavier shafts.) The driver comes standard with a choice of three shafts at 45 inches to optimize your ball flight—the Mitsubishi Fubuki Tour 53 (high trajectory); Miyazaki JDL  (mid trajectory); and Matrix Ozik Black Tie 6M3 (low trajectory).


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