ClubTest 2014: Boccieri El Lite-Weight Q2-L Putter

ClubTest 2014: Boccieri El Lite-Weight Q2-L Putter

Boccieri El Lite-Weight Q2-L Putter
Michael Chini

Boccieri El Lite-Weight Q2-L
Category: Blade Putters
Price: $170
38” shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A 175-gram weight in the grip counterbalances the 375-gram steel head.

A nice option for guys who have trouble getting long putts to the hole—just take the club back and let the weight carry it through the ball; despite the weight, it consistently puts a gentle roll on the ball—you don’t have to hit at it, just focus on your stroke.
FEEL: The counterbalance keeps you steady throughout and takes the wrists out of the stroke; mild sensation at impact no matter where you hit it, although the sound is different on misses; a few guys report surprisingly good feedback given how heavy it is.
LOOK: Standard blade, no distractions, with a basic alignment line; the long green grip is odd at first but works well if you like to vary hand position for different-length putts.

Heavy feel requires an adjustment period; can be difficult to gauge speed because of its weight and sound—hollow “clink” sound deceives on distance and makes it difficult to tell if you made good contact; look elsewhere if you want tons of feedback; a few guys find it too big and clunky.

BOTTOM LINE: Heavy, counterbalanced club that quiets hands on long putts and stays stable on short ones. But a hollow feel can hinder control.

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