Ask an Equipment Expert: Should I consider trajectory when choosing a golf ball?

October 25, 2018
The Titleist AVX golf ball.
Each month, we tap experts from the equipment industry to answer your most commonly asked questions. In this installment, Michael Mahoney, VP of golf ball marketing at Titleist, explains the importance of trajectory in new golf balls.  

Q. Should I consider trajectory when choosing a golf ball?

You mention "I" in your question. Before I answer, I'll suggest you replace it with "we" — working with an expert ballfitter is the fast track to a perfect equipment/player match, just as it is with clubs. But, yes, optimizing your launch, angle of descent and trajectory on all swings, and matching these variables to spin value, is critical in golf ball selection. WANT CUSTOM GOLF CLUBS BUT DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START? LET TRUE SPEC GOLF TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING FOR YOU From a fitting perspective, if we see a player with a very high launch and high spin, for example, then a ball model that lowers both, like the AVX (our lowest-spinning and -flying premium ball), could fit very well. Low launch? We might simply fix that with a switch to Pro V1x, which is the highest launching of our premium models. — Michael Mahoney, VP of Golf Ball Marketing / Titleist