Ping releases unique new PLD3 putter with colorful sole plates

June 1, 2018

Ping is extending the premium PLD line with the new PLD3 mid mallet ($435). Featuring a flame-torched copper alloy precision milled sole plate and 100% precision milled aluminum body, each PLD3 is unique in appearance due to the multi-colored soleplates that are one-of-a-kind designs.

“Every sole plate design on the PLD3 is a work of art, made here at Ping, which speaks to the exclusivity and one-of-a-kind appeal of the PLD program,” said John K. Solheim, Ping President. “Using an open-flame torch, we put each sole plate through a multi-stage heating and cooling process that brings out the natural, living patina colors and unique patterns. Customers will cherish their PLD3 for more than its distinctive beauty, though. We collaborated with Ping tour pros on the design and several of them have put the PLD3 in their bags. Plus, we precision-mill each putter at Ping from T6 6061 aluminum to ensure precise engineering detail. You get a putter that looks unlike any other and it’s going to help you make more putts.”

Other features include full-length white sightline for improved alignment, a black anodized finish, Ping PP58 midsize grip, and stepless shaft with non-glare finish. The new PLD3 is available starting today.