ClubTest 2018: XXIO X irons review

February 13, 2018

PRICE: $160/club, steel; $200/club, graphite

SPECS: 4-iron through SW with lightweight steel or proprietary MP1000 graphite shafts.

RECOMMENDATION: Mid- to high-handicappers who need more clubhead speed, launch and distance throughout the set.

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Hi-energy impact clubhead design with optimized COR area on the face for faster ball speed; titanium face for a larger sweet spot; lightweight, low-swing MOI design to boost clubhead speed; Smart Impact shaft designed to reduce stress on the golfer’s body and improve impact; progressive tungsten sole weighting for low CG location and high launch.

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The goal of a true game-improvement iron is to provide a high launch, straight flight, lots of forgiveness and plenty of distance. The X irons check each box nicely. Utilizing many of the same innovative technologies from the X woods in combination with a multipiece clubhead, relatively wide sole and large head dimensions, the X Irons project the look of a traditional game-improvement iron but pack the punch normally associated with drivers and fairway woods.


“Fast ball speeds and high trajectory yield solid distance without ballooning or a lot of sidespin. Easy to launch from a variety of lies, and forgiving in the mid- and long irons.”

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