ClubTest 2018: Cleveland Launcher HB irons review

February 13, 2018

PRICE: $700, steel; $800, graphite

SPECS: 4-iron through DW with Dynamic Gold DST 98 steel or Miyazaki C. Kua graphite shafts.

RECOMMENDATION: Targets players in the mid- to higher-handicap ranges who need easy-to-hit, hybrid-like irons.

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A hollow, fully enclosed clubhead helps provide more stability than a cavity-back; the HiBore scooped crown shifts the CG lower and deeper than in a traditional iron; a high-strength HT1770 faceplate adds more flex at impact.

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These big ol’ hybrid-irons make no excuses for what they are, and they don’t need your forgiveness—they’ve got plenty of their own built in. The hollow-body build gave Cleveland engineers a ton of room to maneuver, and they did everything they could to make the Launcher HB easy to hit high and far. The arcing HiBore crown helps out, moving the CG lower and deeper into the clubhead. The thin HT1770 face does its part to add pop, while internal tuning makes sure it doesn’t sound or feel like a pop gun. These clubs are unapologetically max game-improvement, but stronger players could cherry-pick the long irons for a nice alternative to traditional hybrids.



“A nice option for players who want to hit it higher and who need help when they aren’t perfect. Very good ball speeds with high launches and spin that will stop shots even on firm green surfaces.”

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