FIRST LOOK: Cleveland Smart Sole 3 wedges

July 11, 2017

For players that suffer from short game problems the first iteration of the Cleveland Smart Sole wedge was a godsend. The latest and greatest version, the Smart Sole 3 ($119 steel, $129 graphite), which includes the 3 S (sand) and 3 C (chipper), offers the same simplified greenside performance with an improved overall design.

The 3 S is aimed at players who struggle in the sand and features a three-tiered sole that improves turf interaction from all types of lies around the green, even for those with steeper swings. Moving weight from the hosel toward the toe of the club effectively locates the CG closer to the center of the clubface, improving overall accuracy. At 58-degrees, the 3 S is optimized to work for all types of short game shots while still being functional on full swings.

Accompanying the 3 S is the 3 C, which also features a three-tiered sole for improved turf interaction for cleaner contact on chips shots in all conditions. Like the 3 S, the 3 C features a CG that’s closer to the center of the clubface than the previous Smart Sole 2, reducing dispersion and improving accuracy and consistency. With a more upright lie angle than standard wedges and 42-degrees of loft, the 3 C promotes a solid chipping set up position as well as optimal trajectory and roll out. Both Smart Sole 3 wedges are also available in women’s models and will be available at retail starting July 24th.