ClubTest 2017: 29 new iron models tested and rated!

March 7, 2017

Edited by Rob Sauerhaft; Reviews by Michael Chwasky, Mark Dee and Alana Johnson

Is any shot more satisfying than a well-struck iron? It feels pure. True. Visceral. This month, our four-part ClubTest series spotlights the weapons that provide that sublime sensation. Our 40-man panel analyzed 29 iron models during two weeks at the World Golf Village Resort in St. Augustine, Fla. These golf-obsessed guys worked with Hot Stix Golf, who provided fitting expertise and recorded valuable data using TrackMan launch monitors. (We highly recommend you get custom-fit for your next set, whether you’re scratch or trying to break 100. Playing fitted clubs shaves major strokes!)

This year’s new gear has great features: fast, flexible faces to boost ball speed; updated CG locations to improve head stability; refined sole designs to help your contact; and shock-absorbing materials for better feel. To help you find your new sticks, we grouped irons by category: Better Player (most maneuverable), Game Improvement, and Max Game Improvement (most forgiving).

[productgrid:Game Improvement|13822411,13822435,13822450,13822467,13822487,13824743,13825166,13825176,13825194,13825201,13825204,13825210,1382521] [productgrid:Better Player|13826415,13826438,13826449,13826490,13826520,13826529,13826658,13826664,13826672,13826679,13826685][productgrid:Max Game Improvement|13826691,13826695,13826698,13826700,13826708]