Tiger Woods switches back to his Scotty Cameron putter

July 18, 2010

After a disappointing 1-over 73 on Saturday that included three three-putts and a handful of near misses for birdie, Tiger Woods said his new putter wasn’t the problem.
"No, no," he said when asked if his new flatsick was the reason for his uncharacteristically poor putting day. "I just need to have better speed."
However, when Woods turned up on the practice green Sunday morning, his new Nike Method 001 putter was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Woods stroked practice putts with his trusty Scotty Cameron for Titleist Newport 2 putter, which he used in 13 of his 14 major wins. Ninenty-nine putts — Woods' total number of putts in the first three rounds with the Method putter — was apparently enough. Woods had raised eyebrows this week when he said he’d be using a Nike Method putter at the British Open. Woods, who had been using the Scotty Cameron putter since 1999, said he made the switch because he always had trouble on slower British Open greens. Woods didn’t say it was a permanent switch, only that he thought the Method putter would help him this week.
"This putter does come off faster with the new groove technology," Woods said when explaining his switch to the Nike putter on Tuesday. “I've had to make very little adjustment in how hard I'm hitting it compared to if I had my older putter. That's something Stevie and I have been talking about over the years together, is what can I do on slower greens? I always seem to struggle on them and can't wait to get to the fastest greens that we play on Tour."
Through three rounds Tiger has taken 99 putts, including two three-putts on Friday and three three-putts on Saturday. — Mike Walker See-Try-Buy: Learn more about Nike and Titleist clubs and schedule your fitting with GolfTEC. (Photo by Angus Murray/GOLF)