Taylor Swift Smashes Car With a Golf Club in New Music Video

December 4, 2014
Taylor Swift Blank Space.jpg

Did you know that aside from serving golfers with a nice approach shot, a 9-iron is also an excellent tool for beating up motor vehicles?

Taylor Swift is the latest celebrity to take her crazy out on a car with a golf club…and we’re kind of thrilled about it.

In a leaked video for her new single “Blank Space,” Swift parodies media criticism of her being a ‘crazy girlfriend,’ at separate times wielding an axe, a knife and yes, what is perceived to be a rather nice 9-iron.

Nick Faldo can relate. In a 2002 USA Today article, Faldo recounts an episode of his at-times rocky personal life, involving ex-girlfriend and former University of Arizona golfer Brenna Cepelak. Cepelak reportedly let loose on Faldo’s Porsche during their breakup in 1998.

“It was a 9-ron or a wedge,” Faldo said in the interview. “It was a very special car. It was so high-tech, it was made of plastic. The club kept bouncing off. It wouldn’t leave a dent. I auctioned it off last year. It was a nice end to that part of my life.”

Nick Faldo and Brenna Cepelak

Augusta National/Getty Images
Nick Faldo And Brenna Cepelak In 1996.

Swift’s video-beau and Jack Nicholson didn’t fare as well.

Back in 1994, Academy-award winning actor Nicholson was charged with misdemeanor vandalism and assault when he allegedly smashed the windshield of a car with a golf club after the driver reportedly cut him off.

And of course, in 2009, Tiger Woods’ then-wife Elin Nordegren reportedly smashed the rear window of Woods’ SUV with a golf club after he crashed into a fire hydrant as he was attempting to leave his home in the early hours of the morning. Police told the NY Daily News that Nordegren struck the window in order to help Woods out of the wreck.

Save some for the course, people!

This article was originally posted on Nov. 10, 2014.

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