Top: Jules Alexander; Middle and Bottom: Tony Roberts
Monday, August 03, 2009

Golf Magazine dug into the archives and pulled out some of the worst, and weirdest, fashion moments from the past 50 years of publishing. We'd like to see the skeletons in your closet, too. To submit images, upload them to your SI GOLFNation profile or email them to The best submission will win a free golf makeover. (More information about SI GOLFNation is here.)\n

Rex Caldwell, Payne Stewart, Keith Fergus, Greg Norman, Peter Jacobsen (from left) — 1983
"We were trying to project the image of the PGA Tour in a different light. So [the Tour] picked guys who had some personality, who people liked on the golf course. We were in towels, in the shower with steam. "We did some wonderful things together, a lot of fun. Back then, the Tour promoted itself well. It was tastefully done. We Aussies dress that way. Very... natural. I was already used to it."
- Greg Norman

Tom Kite — 1981
"What is Tom Kite wearing exactly: A plaid diaper? A checked tablecloth remnant? Some new form of shorts with handkerchief points? Needless to say, the look, whether for gym or golf course, never caught on."
- Style editor Woody Hochswender

Tom Weiskopf — 1977
"I was reflecting the styles and colors of the time. I knew that, on that day, I was not going to look like everyone else. By the way, pastels were in! My shoes, slacks and belt were all custom made... I only wish you could have seen the shoes!"
- Tom Weiskopf

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