What You Can Learn From the LPGA
Johnny Miller: What You Can Learn From The LPGA
There is plenty to admire in the current crop of LPGA stars, whose tempo and rotation through the swing can benefit players of any gender or skill. Go to Video»


Arm Your Swing for More Power
Arm Your Swing for More Power
Your left arm bends at the top? Big deal! Here’s how to turn this “mistake” into 20 more yards, as demonstrated by Top 100 Teacher John Tattersall.


Two Easy Ways to Stop Slicing
2 Easy Ways to Stop Slicing
Just tweak your face angle -- or your grip -- and start ripping power fades and draws with these tips from Top 100 Teachers Bill and Craig Harmon.


Dave Pelz: Perfect Putting Practice
Perfect Putting Practice
Spice up your putting routine with some match play -- beginning with the toughest read on the green, as demonstrated by short game guru Dave Pelz.

Short Game

Lou Guzzi: Pitch It High and Soft From 40 Yards
Pitch It High, Land It Soft
Top 100 Teacher Lou Guzzi demonstrates how avoiding wrist hinge on your backswing is one key to hitting high, soft chips that land gently and stick.

Solid Contact

Sync Your Left Side for Pure Contact
Sync Up For Pure Contact
Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs demonstrates how to keep your knee, thigh and hip aligned to create a strong, repeatable move.


Rattle the Pin from Any Bunker
Get It Close From Any Bunker
Make five easy choices to dial in perfect distance and rattle the pin no matter how far away you are, as demonstrated by Top 100 Teacher Kellie Stenzel.

Trouble Shots

How To Hit From Pine Straw
The Pine Punch
Beat a tricky pine-straw lie and keep your scorecard clean with this tip from Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher Brady Riggs.


Rick Grayson: How To Sting It Low and Straight
A Stinger For the Rest of Us
Hit lasers off the tee that find the fairway and just keep rolling with this tip from Top 100 Teacher Rick Grayson.


Create A Perfect Takeaway
Create A Perfect Takeaway
Use the left-handed drill from Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher Mark Blackburn to start your swing right and stop slices, hooks and every mis-hit in between.
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