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The No. 1 Golf Beauty: Win McMurry

Photo: Ben Van Hook

Win McMurry, 28, is a Golf Channel reporter for Golf Central and Grey Goose 19th Hole and hosts PGA Tour Primetime.

"I've been playing since I was 7 or 8. I shoot in the 90s. I play at least once a week here in Orlando. My no. 1 favorite shot? I love chipping. Hitting a powerful drive is great, but that perfect short pitch or chip that stops next to the hole—that takes artistry. It feels magical."

"Pebble Beach is the most beautiful course I've ever seen. And its deep history and the stern test of golf makes it even more beautiful."

"I love my job at Golf Channel because every week is different—a new assignment, a different place to go. I wouldn't be doing this job if it wasn't for my mom, the most beautiful person I know. She's always said, "Go go after your dreams.' She's an author and professional speaker. I get my ability to speak in public from her."

"The opposite of a beautiful swing is the one I made at Lake Nona. I was playing with the club director who made a hole-in-one. Then I hit my tee shot about 10 yards. To make it worse, Ben Curtis and a couple Tour caddies were playing in front watching."

"Golf has never felt like a boys' club to me. Everybody is so respectful. The beauty of this sport is that you hold yourself to the highest ideals—you govern yourself—and that translates to being a woman in a male-dominated industry."

"The worst pickup line I've ever heard is, "Does your head hurt? Because I think you fell from heaven.' "

"I like something my mom said: 'Beauty without brains is like a book without words.' "

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