Wednesday, January 25, 2012
You know what bugs me?

I have a superstition.

The shot I'd like over?

It was one I hit against that turkey [points to Vijay Singh walking by] on the 18th at last year's Canadian Open. I hit a good drive on a par 5 and had a 7-iron left, but I hooked it into the back bunker and made bogey. I should have two-putted for the win.

Something happened that day

that a lot of people don't know about. It was so loud and intense. I had to yawn to pop my ears because so many people were screaming--it was like a rock concert. The ropes were really tight. People were pushing in. I was playing great. I had the lead. I birdied 10. Then a guy in a hockey jersey who'd had too much to drink grabbed me by the neck and shoulder as I walked by. He gave me a "Way to go, Weirsie!" and gave me a big pull. I strained my neck, so I can't move my head to the right. No excuses, but that's caused a lot of my [struggles] this year.

Years ago, at the Canadian Open, I was next to Nick Price

I don't watch a lot of TV. Kim Possible The Incredibles.

People don't realize how difficult the courses on Tour are.

My unluckiest shot

My luckiest shot?

[Smiles] I don't hit lucky shots. Whenever something good happens, I meant to do it.

Hit wicked wedges
Mike Weir makes up for a lack of length with a wicked wedge game. Here are his three keys to stuffing the three-quarter wedge.
Setup narrow your stance, with your feet hip-width apart and the ball just left of center. Grip down on the handle for control and stand closer to the ball to compensate for making the club shorter.
Backswing Turn until your left arm is about parallel to the ground; hinge your wrists fully, creating a 90-degree angle between your lead forearm and the club. Keep your feet planted and knees level to avoid over-swinging.
Downswing Turn your chest to the target while keeping your lower body quiet. This is key: You must rotate your body through the shot. Your speed coming down controls your power at impact--and the shot's distance.

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