Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jonathan Kaye's friends tell good stories. Like the time he slept in his car the night before the final round of the 1992 Southwest Amateur, shuffled his bed-headed self across the driving range the next morning and declared, "I'm going to go take a shower. Then I'm going to beat all you guys."



A custody judge ruled for Ellen. "Jonathan was already in school and everything," Joel says. "It made sense for him to stay where he was and not be jerked around again. [But] it wasn't very pretty." Ellen soon remarried and settled in Phoenix, while Joel moved back to Denver -- an arrangement Jonathan didn't mind.

Phantom of the Opera Mamma Mia

There are two types of players on the PGA Tour: Those who conform to its authority and those who soon find themselves fined, suspended or looking for another line of work. One veteran pro, when asked his opinion of the Bell Canadian Open's new host course, replied, "It's nice, especially coming from that Deutsche Bank tournament [at the TPC of Boston]. But don't quote me by name. It would probably be a $5,000 fine for hurting the tournament. It's scary, man. It's almost un-American."

jalapeNo farming

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