Growth sport: As your lil' golfer grows, you must grow as a parent.
Schecter Lee
Thursday, October 01, 2009

So you've got the next big thing on your hands, eh? Congratulations! But now what? With the sundry schools, camps, clinics, teachers, tournaments and full-fledged tours available to golf-crazed kids, how do you set your child sailing on the course to PGA Tour riches? How do keep him enthused and motivated without burning out? And, in a sport teeming with young talent, how do you separate your prodigy from the pack? On the following pages, we'll guide you through these daunting waters with an advice-packed handbook that will help your child get the most from his game. Give it a read, then go put little Tig... um, Timmy to bed.

How to Raise a Tour Pro
Groomed to be great: Starting at golf academies
A day in the life of a golf-school kid
Raising a Tour Pro: Case studies
Is your kid good enough?
The $20,000 Question: Bankrolling your child's golf career
Survey: What Parents Think | What makes Juniors tick
College: How to be a new recruit | Scholarships | Roads to scholarships

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