Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here's an interesting idea, and by "interesting" I mean the type of idea that is almost certainly stupid but might just be brilliant: Corey Pavin, Ryder Cup wildcard.

Did you spit out your coffee? Choke on your shredded wheat? You should have. Pavin, 46, is too old. He's too short for the K Club, which at 7,370 yards is no Brown Deer Park (6,759), where Pavin opened with a PGA Tour record 8-under-par 26 on Thursday and won the U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee. After all, if old and short is what we're after, let's draft Loren Roberts, who won the Senior British Open in a playoff Sunday and is having a better year.

Pavin's 15th Tour victory moved him from just the other side of nowhere to 26th in Ryder Cup points, but before last weekend he hadn't been on top of his game since the Clinton administration-—the first term. Too cold, old and short, Pavin is also too busy that week, since he's on tap (with Roberts) to assist U.S. captain Tom Lehman.

And yet—here we go—Pavin could be a greater asset to this U.S. team by actually playing. Think about it: Chris DiMarco, the lifeblood of the Yanks in recent team events, is short off the tee as well, but American golf fans breathed a collective sigh of relief when DiMarco effectively made this year's team with his runner-up finish at the British Open two weeks ago.

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