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Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Oh, hell yes, I was a hothead.

You can want it too bad.

Swing gurus are the most overrated things in golf.

I hit a plateau after I won

George Lopez.

I've bought my dad a car,

a Toyota 4-Runner, helped my mom with some remodeling in the backyard, and helped my [younger] bro with some remodeling on a house that we share in San Mateo, Calif., when I'm home in the summer. I helped him buy the stereo system for the front room. It's a bachelor pad. I'm really happy that I have put myself in a position to be able to help my family.

My girlfriend plays on the LPGA Tour,

We've been going out for eight months.

I've always wanted a lake house

Technology has changed forthe better

We all have things that come up from our past

I was blessed with my dad's athletic ability.

Whatever it takes for you to find peace

Arron Oberholser

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