Adam Scott
Fred Vuich/SI
Tuesday, May 08, 2007
The Situation:


"I had a six-iron and was trying to punch the ball onto the right side of the green, take a couple of putts and get the win.

\nI was amazed to see that shot go left. My first thought after that was, We have a chip and a putt for bogey and the win.

\nThat's what I told my caddie because I didn't want him to be worried. It was a tough shot. I was pitching off a tight lie to a three-tiered green. I had to pitch it to the middle tier and let it run to the top.

\n I was a little nervous because at the start of the week, I could hardly hit that shot. I worked with Greg Norman on it in practice and felt a lot better. I got it to about 10 feet and was pretty happy with that. I was so calm over the putt — I don't know why. I surprised myself by how calm I was. It was a strange feeling.

\nI saw the line right away. I have watched players on television lose leads and thought, When I get in that position, I'll never do that — and here I was. You have to will that ball into the hole sometimes, and that's what I did. It went right in the middle."

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