Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last week, announced its search for the Worst Golf Shot in America. (We also gave you a great example.) After combing through the entries, we have a winner.
In the video below, you will find Jim "Smoke" Foteff stuck in the bunker on the 12th hole at Bandon Dunes. Smoke's buddy Bob Clemo filmed the action, and for his submission he will receive a free subscription to GOLF Magazine. Foteff will have his video analyzed by Top 100 Teacher T.J. Tomasi in an upcoming article on
When submitting the video, Clemo said that Foteff is a 15-handicap who's known on the course for two things: "a golf bet and a good cigar." After the scene you are about to see, Foteff reportedly pressed his bet.
We're guessing he did not make much money on this day at Bandon.
As Jim Nantz might say, We go live now to the 12th, where Smoke Foteff has found the greenside bunker at the par-3. Let's see what he can do from here...

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