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Dear Top 100 Teacher, I am a 5'11" male and I have always used a
35-inch putter shaft. Is this appropriate for me or should I be
looking for a putter 34-inch or 33-inch putter? Your help would be
appreciated.Rod M., Davenport, Fla.
Dear Rod,At my
school we have done more than 1,000 putter fittings over the past four
years. Our research has found that players at 5'11 would fit somewhere
between 33 1/2 to 34." The variable would be arm length. If you arms
are a little long, lean toward the 33 1/2. The correct length
putter allows for a player to tilt properly forward at the hips,
allowing your eyes to come to rest over the inside edge of the ball,
with his weight over balls of your feet and -- this is important -- your
elbows rotated slightly inward and connected to the front of your
ribcage.Don't forget that the length of your putter affects
the swing weight of the putter, that is, the feel of the weight as the
putter head swings back and forth. The swing weight of the putter has a
great influence on a player's feel, tempo and distance control. My
recommendation for the gram weight of a putter that is between 33.5 and
34 inches would be 350 grams.If you would like more information on fitting putters, check out my web site Good luck,ToddGolf
Magazine Top 100 Teacher Todd Sones is director of instruction at the
Whitedeer Run Golf Club in Vernon Hills, IL. You can read more about
Todd Sones at

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