Friday, August 19, 2011

If your family and boss were okay with it, would you consider moving to a climate that let you play golf year-round?

80% Yes, I'd love to play
18% No, I don't mind storing the clubs for the winter
2% My fingers are too frost-bitten to answer

\nIf you could move anywhere in the United States for golf, where would you go?

37% The Carolinas
15% Florida
13% California
12% Hawaii
23% Other

Which of these course factors is most important to you?

41% Affordable greens fees
32% Quality of course
21% Pace of play/course not overcrowded
6% Proximity to your home or office

What's your biggest complaint about public golf where you live?

44% Pace of play/course overcrowded
30% Rising cost of greens fees
26% Too few good courses

\nComplete the sentence: I would most prefer to live...

72% Near quality, affordable courses
22% Near the beach
6% Near great restaurants and nightlife

As a golfer, in which metropolitan area would you most like to live?

22% Myrtle Beach
22% Phoenix/Scottsdale
19% San Diego
9% Orlando
28% Other

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