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2009 Survey of the American Golfer

American Golfer Survey

You play about once a week, 46 rounds per year. Your handicap is 15.1. You lose 1.3 balls per round, on average. That doesn't mean you're score-obsessed, of course — you'd rather make solid contact and shoot in the 90s than grind your way to an 83 with a rusty swing, because you love bending the ball to your will. You spend nearly $3,000 on your golf game annually. And you're honest — you've called a penalty on yourself, like the true sportsman you are.

This survey is about you, the American golfer. We joined forces with the National Golf Foundation to conduct the most comprehensive analysis ever of golfers' habits, opinions and beliefs. We polled more than 600 golf lovers — just like you — to discover how you play, practice, and think about this great game. In short, we wanted to know what makes you tick. Your answers ranged from surprising (many of you said "thanks but no thanks" to Pebble's $495 price tag) to encouraging (you know lower scores await you), and were always enlightening.

2009 American Golfer Survey
Who you are...
Why you play...
What you believe
How you play & practice...
How you spend...
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Golf Magazine commissioned the National Golf Foundation (NGF) to conduct the 2009 Survey of the American Golfer. NGF administered the survey to a sample of adult golfers from its proprietary research panel (golfers age 18 or older who play eight or more rounds per year). The margin of error, based on 648 completed surveys, is +/- 3.8% at the 95 percent confidence level.

About the NGF
Founded in 1936, the mission of the NGF is to help golf businesses succeed by providing them with marketing, research, and other consulting services. Based in Jupiter, Fla., the NGF serves all sectors of the golf industry. Visit

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