By petedirenzo
Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Here's an interesting revelation from Tuesday's New York Times: Luther Campbell, the former 2 Live Crew rapper who is now a high school football coach in Miami, is also a golf nut.
Reporter Greg Bishop's story leads with a scene of Campbell on the golf course:

MIAMI BEACH - On the 12th hole at Normandy Shores Golf Club, beyond the private gate, amid lush green fairways and clusters of palm trees, Luther Campbell steered his cart past several ibises. He mentioned the yacht he once owned. He cackled.
Those were the days: The U and 2 Live Crew, Tipper Gore and the Supreme Court, censorship and free speech and parental-advisory stickers. The boat was a 50-footer. Campbell named it Scandalous. He put "from Liberty City," his Miami neighborhood, on the back, so the "police would know why there's all these black people partying on this boat and that we didn't steal it."

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