By petedirenzo
Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The name Trump is often associated with the spewing of hot air. But rarely is it as smelly -- or combustible -- as this.
We're talking about methane, which, according to the New York Daily News, has been gushing from the ground at Trump's Ferry Point project in the Bronx, which is being built on a reclaimed city dump.

Test results that register as more than 100% LEL mean the air in the wells contains 5% or more methane — enough to make the air explosive.
Since January, levels of more than 5% methane have been recorded 41 times at more than a dozen wells at the edge of the site across the street from homes, The News found…
…The hottest spot is along Butrick and Schley Aves., about 20 yards from senior citizen housing run by the city Housing Authority called the Randall-Balcolm Houses. There, levels of methane in concentrations well above 5% have been recorded 22 times from January through July.
In fact, concentrations of methane in the wells at Buttrick Ave. reached levels ranging from 28% to 34% in July — far above the level deemed safe.
ties with a company at the heart of a large-scale bribery scandal two years back

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