By petedirenzo
Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clint Eastwood's new film Trouble with the Curve may be a movie about baseball, but it was America's real national pastime that brought the 82-year-old actor together with Curve co-star Justin Timberlake.
Timberlake made an audition tape, and it was good, sure, but, according to Bryan Alexander of USA Today, that wasn't the whole draw for Eastwood:

But sitting with his co-star at Beverly Hills' Culina restaurant, wearing a jacket over a casual golf shirt, Eastwood admits there were other factors that made him excited about bringing Timberlake onboard -- the guy is one heck of a golfer.
"If (Timberlake) had been a lousy player it would have been, 'He can't play the role.' " Eastwood says with a smile, causing Timberlake to bust out into laughter.
"He might be great on the tape, but what's his handicap?" Timberlake, 31, retorts.

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