Truth & Rumors: Eastwood and Timberlake played golf on set of new film

Clint Eastwood's new film Trouble with the Curve may be a movie about baseball, but it was America's real national pastime that brought the 82-year-old actor together with Curve co-star Justin Timberlake.
Timberlake made an audition tape, and it was good, sure, but, according to Bryan Alexander of USA Today, that wasn't the whole draw for Eastwood:

But sitting with his co-star at Beverly Hills' Culina restaurant, wearing a jacket over a casual golf shirt, Eastwood admits there were other factors that made him excited about bringing Timberlake onboard -- the guy is one heck of a golfer.
"If (Timberlake) had been a lousy player it would have been, 'He can't play the role.' " Eastwood says with a smile, causing Timberlake to bust out into laughter.
"He might be great on the tape, but what's his handicap?" Timberlake, 31, retorts.
Curve is the first film Eastwood has acted in but not himself directed since 1993, and the old pro knows what that means: Down time. And Timberlake, an avid golfer, was the perfect playing partner.
Eastwood even used his pull to get the twosome on Augusta National for a couple rounds the week before the Masters. No word on what he shot. But, anyone who's seen Dirty Harry knows he has an erratic tendency to blast it into water hazards.
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by Kevin Cunningham