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Friday, June 04, 2010

SI's Farrell Evans live blogged the second round of the Memorial Tournament. Leaderboard | Photos | Course Profile: Muirfield Village | TV Schedule 5:53 pm: I'm signing out until next time. Have a great weekend and watch and play a lot of golf and find your scores and news here on
5:50 pm: Play has been halted again at the Memorial. There is bad weather in the vicinity of Muirfield Village.
5:44 pm; At last someone else other than Fowler gets it to double digits under par—Justin Rose finished at 10 under. 
5:41 pm: To reader Byron:  Rory McIlroy likes the biggest stage and yes he is very streaky. It's hard to fathom why with that wonderful swing.
5:40 pm: Faldo just said that Fowler was as smooth as a key lime pie with creme on top. I like his style and the Hip-Hop inspired cap. His clothes today have that Bob Hopes, circa 1985 look, but in an X generation kind of way. 

5:30 pm:  Mickelson just tried to hit a 7-iron into the 213-yard par 3 16th. The equipment has gotten out of hand when a player can hit a 7-iron that far. Still had he taken more club he might be on the green.
5:20 pm: He's not that good anymore, but I love watching Davis Love III swing the golf club. 
5:16 pm: Tiger said he had five lip outs today. And he's wearing his Buddhism bracelet. He seems a little testy with Todd Lewis in his post-round interview. He seemed to want to scream, "Guy what do you want me to do. I'm human!"  His sign-off was "No worries." 
5:06 pm:  Rickie Fowler has had a four shot lead for the last two or three hours. "He looks Leonard Di Caprio and plays like Lanny Wadkins," says a Golf Channel reporter. Not so sure about the Leonardo DiCaprio part but the Lanny part is dead-on, except he's more easygoing than Lanny ever was.
5:00 pm: Byron asks a good question: "Didn't his wife have to follow him around the fence at Pine Valley because they won't allow women on the property?" Jack said that she got to SEE the course. I don't think Barbara played anyway. 4:56 pm: Phil almost drove the green at the 363-yard par 4 14th. 
4:52 pm:  Jack just told a great story about playing Winged Foot and Pine Valley during his honeymoon. Those were the good ole' days.
4:45 pm: Kelly Tilghman just asked Jack what were his keys to lag putting. Jack told her that lag putting was one of his strengths and that he rarely three-putted. That's not as simple as it sounds, even for a great player like Jack, because the greens in his prime were very slow and not nearly as manicured as they are now. 
4:39 pm: Why jack, johnny and Nick dissed the R & A?  Jack doesn't want to play ceremonial golf unless it's his own tournament. Nick Price, a wonderful man, didn't look back after turning 50. And Miller doesn't like being that close players that he has to critic on-air.
4:28 pm: Jack just told us that he was the first guy on tour to use a yardage book. 
4:23 pm: Phil is having and up and down round: 3 bogeys, two birdies and a eagle through 11 holes.
4:15 pm: It's smart how Jack has gotten his kids involved with the tournament, ensuring its survival after his death. It won't have the fate of the Byron Nelson and the Ben Hogan, which didn't have caretakers. 
4:02 pm: I forgave Tiger a long time ago. I hope that he can forgive himself so that he can move on with his life.
3:57 pm:  Reader Jackie wonders about the state of European golfers and their style of play. I don't think we're seeing a real trend in what you say.
3:56 pm: I can't help myself. I have to ask this question. Will Tiger ever be fully forgiven for cheating on his wife or will we hold it over his head for the rest of his career? Could a win at the Memorial and the U.S. Open help us forget about it for at least the remainder of this season?
3:53 pm: To reader Byron: Zach Johnson can't be the heir apparent to Tiger and Phil. He's a nice player. He should win a few more majors. But I don't think he desires that kind of star rating and won't change his life to become that player.
3:50 pm: Justin Rose is four shots back of Fowler at 9 under. He's won on every tour in the world except the PGA Tour. What gives?
3:45 pm: Rickie Fowler is in the lead and will be the leader at the end of the day. Phil is on the course, six back of Fowler. The cut right now is at Plus 1.
3:44 pm:  To reader Jackie: You might be right about Jason Day as the flavor of the month but what I go by is the ball striking and the ability to put down low scores at will and Day has all of that. Will he be a great player: Probably not but then there are only a handful of those.
3:40 pm: To reader Byron's question about my U.S. Open picks: Byron, I love Phil at Pebble Beach but think it's going to be a guy that hits it in the middle of the fairway all week and that guy is not Phil or Tiger. I like a guy like Hunter Mahan or Zach Johnson.
3:35 pm: Jason Day coming off his win a couple of weeks ago in Texas is playing well again this week. We've been debating his star power for awhile now. Is he the real thing or just another good player?
3:30 pm: Thanks Jackie, I have no idea what the tea party has to do with Phil or the Memorial.
3:28 pm: To reader Craig's question about Tiger's loss of power. Craig I think Tiger doesn't feel safe with his legs  yet. It's rebuilt and very strong but he's got a psychological block going. But with the equipment, everybody can hit it a mile now.
3:23 pm: On Thursday, Gary Player was in the office pushing his new book on choking. He might be the best 75-year old athlete in the world. As you might imagine for someone who has won tournaments all over the world, he knows EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING. I didn't buy the vegetarian diet though.
3:15 pm: I talked the Memorial leader Rickie Fowler last summer before he turned pro and I was impressed with how relaxed he was and his resolve at 21-years old to be the best player in the world. Who knows? Maybe he can beat all the top players this week.
3:12 pm: Tiger showed up without a teacher and he looks fine, but he's not making enough birdies to keep pace with the leaders. I wonder is he trying not to make bogeys, instead of attacking the golf course.
3:08 pm: The players are back on the course after a 24-minute rain delay.
3:07 pm: Phil just made a 70-foot putt to get to 8-under. It looks like Lefty could make a real run at the Grand Slam.
3:03 pm: Rickie Fowler is tearing it up with 13 under total after two days, tying the two-day total record. Tiger is 10 shots back. Phil is seven back.
3:00 pm: Welcome to the Memorial, Jack's tournament and the tuneup for the U.S. Open. Over the next three hours I'll discuss Tiger, Phil, Rickie Fowler, Jack's legacy and Pebble Beach, amongst other things.

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