By petedirenzo
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whatever happened to nice guy Peter Lonard, an Aussie who was a pretty solid ballstriker on the PGA Tour? He lost his card after 2009 when he made only 13 of 30 cuts due to back problems. He considered claiming a medical exemption (you'll love his typically pragmatic Aussie quote below on that subject) or trying the Nationwide Tour or taking a year off, but at 42, decided to push on. He's playing in this week's New Zealand Open.Here's Lonard on the PGA of Australia's site:
"I don't think anyone likes being unemployed so I didn't really enjoy it much at the end of last year.  But that's the beauty of the game, you play good and get the benefits, you don't play any good and you've got to deal with the consequences so here I am starting again...
"Medical exemptions are more for those guys who are dying. Just because you've got a bit of a sore back I don't think that's reason to ask for medicals. You go to the physio; just about everyone over the age of 30 is carrying an injury. It's pretty much wear and tear... When you're young you don't notice it. As you get older you start to get niggles and it's whether you can manage them or whether they get too chronic."

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