By petedirenzo
Thursday, May 28, 2009

Soon we could get an even closer look into the LPGA, as commissioner Carolyn Bivens explores having players twitter during their rounds, according to a Bloomberg report. During an LPGA summit in early May, the Tour encouraged players to join Twitter and other social networking sites to better interact with their younger followers. Christina Kim, Michelle Wie, Anna Rawson, Natalie Gulbis, Paula Creamer and Morgan Pressel are now some of the most prolific tweeters, allowing fans to be involved in their lives on and off the course. "I'd love it if players twittered during the middle of a round," Bivens told Bloomberg Thursday. "The new media is very important to the growth of golf and we view it as a positive, and a tool to be used."The concern is where Twitter fits in with traditional golf etiquette and the rules of golf. Many courses don't allow fans or players to have mobile devices on the course during tournaments, though some players have twittered during practice rounds. For now, the LPGA is awaiting a ruling from the USGA on whether or not twittering during a round would be within the Rules of Golf. The rule in question is Rule 14-3, which states a player may not use any device “that might assist him in making a stroke or in
his play; or for the purpose of gauging or measuring distance or
conditions that might affect his play.” In addition to that, there is a note in the etiquette section discouraging behavior that might distract other competitors. One of the more insightful tweets out of the LPGA'ers on the network came recently from Christina Kim, who shared, "I don't get miked anymore bc there was an incident in 2006 I think.. Some potty language slipped, fines paid, apologies. But I'm still game!" If the USGA deems it okay, Kim's quips could soon be live again, just in a new medium.What do you think? Should tour players be allowed to twitter during their rounds? Share your thoughts below.

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