By petedirenzo
Saturday, May 09, 2009

By Caleigh Furyk(Caleigh Furyk, 6, is a special correspondent whose assignment was to write about following her father, Jim Furyk, at the Players Championship on Friday. Here is her report.)PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- After school, I went to the golf course to see my dad play.  I walked nine holes. My friends Megan, Izzy, Abby and Claire came, too.  Megan, Izzy and Abby are in my class at school. Claire is in my brother Tanner’s class. I go to Bolles School.Caleigh When we first got to the course, my friends and I were playing a game where you tell somebody something and they tell the next person. Megan told me, “Shhh!” and then I said, “Shhh!”  and before it could get to everybody and back to Megan, she said, “Shhh!” again. It was just like what the people holding up those signs around the greens do when my dad or one of his friends is putting.For a snack we had tee pretzels and water.On the second hole or third hole or fourth hole (Dad thinks it was the second), we saw a bird way up in the tree and it had a fish in his claws.  He was nibbling on it. I saw it. So did Poppa and Nanna (my mother’s parents). My dad thinks it was an osprey.Over by the eighth hole, I had a hot dog and water. Not at the place by No. 5 or 6, the one by No. 8. At the end of the round, Mr. Mike gave me some golf balls to give to my friends. Mr. Mike is my dad’s caddie. My dad signed the balls. We played London Bridge is Falling Down while we waited for him to do autographs and sign the balls.  My friends liked them. Then I came to the press room to write my report. It is a very big room with five TVs. The whole wall on one side of the room is a scoreboard. It was really, really big. My dad’s name was on it. So were his golf scores. My dad showed me another room where the players go to do interviews with the writers. The seats there fold down. It was just like the movie theater.I might be a sportswriter when I get older. I could ask my dad questions in that room. I think he would like that.

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