Thursday, November 15, 2012

Michelle Wie, a recent Stanford graduate, put her degree in communications to use as she interviewed Suzann Pettersen in a press conference before the CME Titleholders.
Wie, 23, asked Pettersen about her recent practice session, her shoulder injury and the latest addition to her bag, indicating that Wie may have a future in sports television after her golfing days are over, according to a report by SB Nation.

Wie pressed Pettersen about her recent practice session with coach David Leadbetter.
“Something must have worked right for you in the last week, last two times you won in Korea and Taiwan,” Wie said. “What are some of the things that you worked on?”
Pettersen wondered if she were “going to tell you these secrets,” to which Wie replied, summoning her best golf-scribe patter (which, after some 13 years on the national stage, the 23-year-old Hawaii native knows a thing or two about), “Um-hmm, yeah.”

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