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Don't miss "The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever! The 10 Brightest Minds in Putting Show You the Easy Way to Make the Hole Look Bigger and Sink More Putts." The book is now available and is currently topping sales for all golf instruction books. Be sure to keep checking back for instruction videos from the book.

The Best Putting Instruction Book Ever!
The 10 Brightest Minds in Putting Show You the Easy Way to Make the Hole Look Bigger and Sink More Putts


Chapter 1: How to Pick the Right Putter
By David Edel, Edel Golf, Liberty Hill, Tex.

1. How your putter design affects aim (page 6)
2. How your putter design affects speed (page 15)
3. How your putter design affects path: Quadrant Putting (page 21)

Chapter 2: How to Build the Perfect Stance
By Dr. David Wright, Wright Balance Golf Schools, Mission Viejo, Calif.

4. The importance of perfect stance width (page 30)
5. The importance of perfect grip size (page 33)
6. Using the Angle of Symmetry to align putts (page 35)
7. Using the Angle of Symmetry to create perfect posture (page 36)

Chapter 3: How to Calibrate Your Stroke
By Mike Adams, Hamilton Farm G.C., Gladstone, N.J.

8. How to find your personal tempo (page 46)
9. How to apply your personal temp to your stroke (page 47)
10. How to match your tempo to putt length (page 48)
11. How to adjust your tempo for different putts (page 49)
12. How to match your setup to your putter (page 54)

Chapter 4: Mastering the Arc Stroke
By Stan Utley, Grayhawk G.C., Scottsdale, Ariz.

13. The benefits of using an arc stroke (page 61)
14. How to set up for an arc stroke (page 65)
15. Developing feel for the arc stroke (page 66)
16. One-hand drill for developing proper arc (page 67)
17. How to make a successful arc stroke (page 69)
18. Grooving your technique with the Learning Curve (page 71)

Chapter 5: Mastering the Brush Stroke
By Maggie Will, LPGA Tour professional and instructor, Raleigh N.C.

19. Why the brush stroke works (page 81)
20. How to set up for a brush stroke (page 83)
21. The brush stroke grip (page 84)
22. How to make a brush stroke (page 87)

Chapter 6: Read Greens Like a Pro
By Mark Sweeney, AimPoint Technologies, Orlando, Fla.

23. How to determine anchor points (page 97)
24. Using anchor points to find the zero line (page 101)
25. Using the zero line to determine break (page 103)
26. Getting it right on the course (page 104)
27. Putting it all together: Aim Charts (page 109)

Chapter 7: How to Aim at the Right Spot
By Mike Shannon, Sea Island Golf Learning Center, Sea Island, Ga.

28. Linear vs. nonlinear putting (page 115)
29. Which one are you? (page 117)
30. Linear putting dos and don'ts (page 120)
31. Nonlinear putting dos and don'ts (page 122)

Chapter 8: Golf's Best Secret-The Long Putter
By Scott Munroe, Adios G.C., Coconut Creek, Fla.

32. Long and belly putter grip options (page 135)
33. How to make a piston stroke (page 137)
34. How to make a body stroke (page 139)
35. Long and belly putter drills (page 141)

Chapter 9: How to Practice for Improvement
By Dr. Craig Farnsworth, See and Score Golf Schools, La Quinta, Calif.

36. How to practice your setup (page 148)
37. How to practice your mental skills (page 151)
38. How to practice visualizing (page 155)

Chapter 10: How to Fix Your Worst Flaws
By Marius Filmalter, Marius Golf, Dallas, Tex.

39. What are acceleration yips? (page 162)
40. Fixing acceleration yips: the wobble drill (page 164)
41. What are rotational yips? (page 166)
42. Fixing rotational yips: the two-ball drill (page 170)
43. What is freezing? (page 174)
44. Fixing freezing: succession drill (page 176)
45. How to stop choking (page 178)

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