By Martin Hall
Thursday, December 06, 2007

YOU ARE... A player who swings too much in to out and hits the ball dead right, perhaps even with a little slice tail on it.\n

WHAT'S GOING ON... You typically hang back on your right side after impact so that most of your left thigh is visible in your follow-through to someone watching your swing.

HOW TO FIX IT... As your arms reach parallel in your follow-through, get your right shoulder, hip and thigh to hide your left shoulder, hip and thigh so they rotate out of view.

WHY IT WORKS... This image, from three-time Australian Open winner Norman Von Nida, forces your right side to turn into the shot. Your left side responds by clearing out, which makes it nearly impossible to swing the club out to the right-toward first base. The ultimate goal is to finish with your right shoulder over your left foot.

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