Angus Murray
Monday, October 29, 2007

More courses are now featuring long fescue grass alongside the fairways. The fescue helps courses save on maintenance costs, and it contrasts beautifully against the rich green. But when you hoist your tee shot into that stuff, it's no fun. Your best bet from the tangle of fescue is to take your lumps and pitch out to the fairway. There are just too many ways for a hero shot to go bad. So unless you have a perfect lie, keep your chances of par alive by following these rules.

1. Use your most lofted club and position the ball off your right heel. You want about 70 percent of your weight on your left leg.

2. Pick the club straight up by hinging your wrists quickly before you turn your shoulders. The more vertical your swing, the less likely the club is to be snagged by the tall grass on the way back as well as into the ball.



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