The Power of Angles: Discover your personal key to a powerful and efficient swing

Thursday March 25th, 2010
Dr. David Wright, left, is a Top 100 Teacher and biomechanics expert. Reggie Smith is a switch-hitting legend and MLB batting coach.
Angus Murray

Just as scientists look for constants as part of determining laws across several areas of research, those who pursue insight into the mysteries of the golf swing search for similar ways of looking at it.

Several years ago I noticed something about how we hit a golf ball that, it turns out, is equally valuable in hitting a baseball. The connection is so strong that these ideas have been unequivocally adopted by one of MLB's hottest batting coaches, Reggie Smith ("Dr. Wright's science," Smith says, "proved everything I thought was right about my swing.")

Readers of a certain vintage will remember Smith as one of the best switch-hitters to ever play the game. Today he operates his own batting clinics and tutors scores of major leaguers using a swing model that has much in common with the moves you see on Tour, namely the establishment of an individual's "Power Angle" — the core of my research.

Finding this Power Angle — and maintaining it from the moment you take your stance until you follow through — holds the secret to the powerful, consistent swing you've always wanted.

• To discover your power angle, and learn how to apply it to all parts of your swing, follow the step-by-step instructions in this photo gallery and watch the videos below.

• Correct stance width and grip size are critical elements to finding and tapping the energy of your Power Angle. We've developed a formula to guide you, but you'll first need to go to and print out three tools — a grip-measuring tool, a hand-measuring tool and a protractor. Grip-measuring tool
2. Hand-measuring tool
3. Protractor-->

• Finally, download and print this guide, which will take you through the final steps and show you what to do with the tools you've printed out. (Note: These measurements will be ballpark figures. To get your precise stance and grip measurements, go to and punch in the values you determined with the downloaded worksheets.)

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