Pitch of 50 Yards to Elevated Green With Front Pin Location - Golf.com

Focus beyond the flag

Take short out of the equation by focusing on carrying the ball beyond the hole. In this situation, the green is 18 yards deep, but there are only 8 yards between the front edge (top of the hill) and the hole. Look past the pin and make the back fringe your target. By buying a few extra yards in your mind's eye, you'll be more likely to find the green. (Remember, very few holes penalize you for being long.)

Stay tall

Make sure your body is tall enough at address so that when your arms hang straight down, the leading edge is at the same depth as the bottom of your ball. It's easier to maintain your height through the shot this way. If you slouch over the ball and bury the head into the ground, you're liable to chunk it or skull it (by pulling in with your arms). Play the ball just forward of center in your stance with your feet relatively narrow and weight favoring your left side.

Maintain loft

Use your highest-lofted wedge, because the green is elevated and it's all carry to the back fringe, and you're not sure what kind of contact you'll make with the grass behind the ball. To gain more control, you should make a slightly less than full swing--about three-quarters. Maintain the loft on the face by restricting your forearm rotation through impact, keeping the back ofyour left hand facing skyward as much as possible. Slide the clubhead under the ball and clip the grass out from underneath it.

Buy some insurance

Dial the face slightly open at address, but not as much as you would for a standard greenside bunker shot. This will expose the bounce--the trailing edge isn't as likely to dig or get snagged in the grass. Essentially, you're buying insurance in case you make less-than-perfect contact.

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