Monday, March 19, 2007

You've heard it a thousand times — hit behind the ball in greenside bunkers so that the ball floats out on a cushion of sand. True. But to use the sand wedge's bounce (the fat trailing edge that lets it glide through the sand), you must also keep the clubface open throughout the swing. Otherwise, you're just digging in the dirt.

To make sure you keep the face open, try this drill. Pile a pyramid of sand on your clubface and "toss" it over your right shoulder at the end of your back-swing. To release the sand, you'll have to rotate the face open. The next time you're in a greenside trap, imagine tossing the pyramid and you'll make a great escape.

Top 100 Teacher Mitchell Spearman is director of instruction at Manhattan Woods Golf Club in West Nyack, N.Y. Mitchell bills himself as the world's most expensive golf teacher, at $600 per hour. You just got a $10 tip —for free!

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